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Support?our students, our historic campus, or the school and its institutes.

Alexander Bernhardt
Development Manager
Phone: +49 30 21231- 1407
E-Mail:?alexander.[email protected]

ESMT is always seeking to expand the school’s network and strengthen existing relationships. We seek to build bridges by forming new forms of collaborations, partnerships, and sponsorships. We work on three main topics: Partnerships and collaborations, fundraising, and events.

Partnerships and Collaborations?

We collaborate with companies, NGOs, governmental organizations, associations, and start-ups to further the needs of the school as a whole. We build new initiatives and seek out new opportunities to collaborate with other institutions. We aim at promoting both the advancement of our school as well as supporting individual projects, such as the restoration of the historic fountain in the ESMT garden.


We aim to raise funds supporting a wide range of causes across the school, such as supporting our students, our historic campus, or the school. We raise funds to establish new institutes, centers, and funded chairs to further extend academic excellence of the school.?ESMT?is an NGO with an equivalency determination (ED) certification with NGOsource. Become an ESMT supporter! Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about how you may make a donation, become a sponsor, or arrange a bequest for ESMT Berlin restoration projects.

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Alexander Bernhardt

Development Manager
+49 30 212311407