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"Webinar: Which degree program is the right one for you?"

6. Mai 2020 | ESMT Blog
Watch the recording from our live webinar to get an overview of our degree programs.

"Withstanding the Crisis Together"

5. Mai 2020 | Aurora Initiative
ESMT President J?rg Rocholl wrote an article on overcoming challenges during the coronavirus pandemic.
J?rg Rocholl, ESMT

"Warum die Regierung pl?tzlich mehr auf die Top-?konomen h?rt"

5. Mai 2020 | Handelsblatt
ESMT President J?rg Rocholl is mentioned as one of the economic advisors of the government (metered paywall).

"Pursuing the Responsible Leaders Fellowship was one of the best decisions of my life"

5. Mai 2020 | ESMT Blog
MIM graduate Henna Joshi shares her Responsible Leaders Fellowship experience.
Sandro Gaycken, ESMT Berlin

"Die Krise wird das Spielerische in der Digitalisierung abt?ten..."

4. Mai 2020 | Telepolis
Sandro Gaycken, director of the Digital Society Institute (DSI) at ESMT, is interviewed on how the coronavirus crisis is affects digital business models and the cyberspace.
Joao Soares, ESMT

"2020 Best & Brightest MBAs: Jo?o Soares, ESMT Berlin"

4. Mai 2020 | Poets & Quants
ESMT alumnus Jo?o Soares has been selected among the 100 Best & Brightest MBAs of 2020 by Poets & Quants.

"Do business school rankings matter?"

4. Mai 2020 | ESMT Blog
ESMT's Laurence Wilson explores how important business school rankings are.
Martha Ihlbrock

"Tales from the Lockdown"

1. Mai 2020 | Carrington Crisp
Molly Ihlbrock, director of corporate communications and marketing at ESMT, is interviewed on what she has learned during the current crisis and how she imagines the future.
J?rg Rocholl, Welt

"Deutsche Kronjuwelen als billige übernahmeziele"

30. April 2020 | Welt
ESMT President J?rg Rocholl was interviewed on the effects of the coronavirus crisis for German businesses (metered paywall).
Kate Gaynor

"How My B-School Experience Is Helping Me Run a Hospital During Covid-19"

29. April 2020 | QS Top MBA
Dr. Kate Gaynor, ESMT Berlin Executive Transition Program alumna, is interviewed on what it's like to manage a hospital during a global pandemic.

"Webinar: Ondrej Zaoral shares insights into his EMBA experience"

29. April 2020 | ESMT Blog
ESMT alumnus Ondrej Zaoral shares insights into his EMBA experience.
Goolgeplex, Google headquarters

"Top 10 Feeder MBA Programs for the Top Tech Companies"

28. April 2020 | FIND MBA
ESMT Berlin is listed as one of the ten best business schools in the world for a career in tech.
Le Monde

"En Allemagne, une fraude massive aux 'allocations coronavirus' pour les travailleurs indépendants"

27. April 2020 | Le Monde
Isabel Skierka, researcher at the Digital Society Institute (DSI) at ESMT, is quoted on coronavirus aid fraud in Germany.
BidEd Logo

"Bookshelf: Luck"

27. April 2020 | BizEd
The new book "Luck" by Chengwei Liu, associate professor of strategy and behavioral science at ESMT, is featured in the latest issue of BizEd.
Jan Hagen, ESMT Berlin

"COVID-19: Why strong leaders who communicate effectively will save lives"

24. April 2020 | Medium
Jan Hagen, associate professor of management practice at ESMT, is quoted on leadership communication in times of crisis.